Obviously, with a ‘donate-what-you-can’ model, we will need lots of donors! There are multiple ways you and the community can support our bold project, while enjoying a great meal, engaging one another over the community table, as everyone eats Wythe us!

We are most excited about the prospect of offering tokens—our very own Open Door Cafe wooden nickel—as a means to pay it forward, much like a gift certificate. For $8 each, or 15 tokens for $100, you can hand out tokens to friends, family, work colleagues, stocking stuffers, random folks you meet on the street, just about anyone! And every day, there will be a jar at the cashier’s desk, with up to 15 tokens available for use for a meal for anyone who is unable to donate anything and unable to give an hour of their time in exchange for their meal. You can donate some tokens to this jar, carry them in your pocket, distribute them most any way imaginable. We’re anxious to see how creative this community can be with these tokens.

With the Click here button below, you will be redirected to Open Door Cafe’s online donation form. Open Door Cafe is a subsidiary of HOPE (Helping Overcome Poverty’s Existence, Inc., a 501 c 3 non profit).