If you’d like to volunteer, please use our sign-up to choose a role and time. For more information on roles at Open Door Cafe, read below.

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Volunteer Roles at Open Door Cafe

  • Kitchen: We will need prep help in the kitchen every day of the week, so if you like to cook or help in the kitchen, please sign up to work under our talented Chef JC! We will also need folks to help with dish washing.

  • Servers: In the dining room, volunteers will serve our patrons, so we’ll need several folks to assist with this.

  • Greeters/Cashier: This outgoing individual will greet our guests, make them feel welcome, explain the ‘donate-what-you-can’ business model and then ask them a simple question on their way out the door: “what would you like to donate today?” The cashier will manage the Squarespace point of sale transaction, with cash, credit/debit and token sales. The cashier will also sign up anyone who chooses to volunteer an hour for their meal, to work either in the Cafe itself, next door in our HOPE Packs area, or in other jobs as we identify them.

  • Cleaning: Open Door Cafe will need to have help keeping the dining area, kitchen, rest rooms, and general premises sparkly clean, so this is an everyday need. We will also appreciate help maintaining a set of planter beds and garden areas around the entrance and patio area.

  • HOPE Packs: In the same building as the Open Door Cafe, HOPE has our HOPE Packs school backpack program, where each Wednesday during the school year, some 30-50 volunteers pack for over 800 students in 17 schools throughout Wythe and Bland counties. In addition to packing on Wednesday evenings, we need volunteers to help with breaking down cardboard boxes, stacking and sorting the food items, double-bagging the carry-home bags, and keeping the area clean.